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All procedures are performed by the center for reproductive
technologies "EmbryLife" on behalf of the Embrimama agency

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Control at all stages of the program

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation

Completely confidential

Over 9 years of experience in conducting surrogacy programs

Legal support

EmbryLife is a Family Planning Center
and infertility treatment using American reproductive technologies to help make your dream of becoming a parent come true as soon as possible.

Our Center cooperates directly with the leader in the North-West region of Russia in reproductive technologies — the EmbryLife Clinic. The success rate of IVF at the EmbryLife Clinic is the highest among all clinics in St. Petersburg (52.90%).

The clinic is located in the very center of St. Petersburg, has a license for high-tech medical care, is equipped with the most modern equipment and brings together doctors of the highest professional level. The modern equipment and high level staff have a positive effect on improving the efficiency of the treatment of patients who come to our Center.

The staff of the EmbryLife clinic consists of: embryologists, reproductive doctors, gynecologists, urologists, therapists, laboratory staff (biologists), trained according to the highest international standards. Moreover, the clinic has all necessary facilities for the full management of pregnancy.

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EmbryLife Clinic is accredited by the American College of Embryology (ACE)

In addition to all of the above irrefutable advantages, EmbryLife Clinic is accredited by the American College of Embryology (ACE), which indicates that the Clinic relies on its scientific base of world-class professors in its activities.

The clinic takes part in international conferences and carries out its medical activities according to the advanced standards of the collegium.


Clinic licenses